Landscape Auction items – now online!

Landscape Auction items – now online!

July 16, 2010

The WRP is hosting the first-ever Landscape Auction in the U.S. on Saturday, August 14 from 1-4pm at the Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center.

Nine landowners are participating in the live auction event, and have identified a diverse set of natural and working landscape elements in need of preservation. These items are now available online!

Items range in price from $275 to $19,800. Lower-priced items are designed to give auction participants a unique working landscape experience – from learning how to store vegetables in a root cellar to monitoring fish populations on the Green Mountain National Forest. Higher-priced items are designed to improve the natural landscape over a longer time period – from improving songbird habitat to conserving a public access area on the White River.

Individuals, social clubs, community organizations, and businesses are invited to attend the auction and to bid on landscape elements. The highest bidder will receive a certificate commemorating their participation in the USA’s first Landscape Auction, and will sign a contract with the WRP, making their donation tax-deductible.

Each landscape element involves a small reward for the highest bidder. For example, if you “adopt” the purchase of a purebred ram, you will have the opportunity to help deliver lambs during the following spring! And for landscape elements exceeding $5,000, the highest bidder will receive a framed picture of the White River; for elements exceeding $10,000, the highest bidder will receive a 1-day guided fishing or canoe trip on the White River.

There are lots of reasons to participate in the Landscape Auction for Vermont’s Working Landscape. We hope you’ll join us on August 14!