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Annual Volunteer Events

To promote long-term stewardship of the White River watershed, we organize numerous seasonal opportunities for people of all ages to do something good for their communities and their river.

May: Green Up the White cleanup

To kick off the river recreation season, the WRP coordinates a river cleanup event in conjunction with Vermont’s Green Up Day to remove as much trash from the White River and White River Water Trail access sites as possible. Follow this link to learn more!

May – August: Monitor water quality & river access

Since 2001, the WRP has coordinated a Water Quality Monitoring Program to better understand potential threats to water quality and public health. Each summer, WRP staff and volunteers keep tabs at over 20 sites throughout the watershed, including popular swimming holes and locations that have the potential to become contaminated. On eight Wednesdays during the summer, our volunteers measure water clarity and conductivity, and collect water samples that are tested for bacteria. We recruit new volunteers every spring as needed. Follow this link to learn more!

The WRP is working with partners to create a White River Water Trail Stewardship Network. Our long-term goal is to provide safe recreational access to the White River by recruiting and supporting a stewardship volunteer at each Water Trail site. Volunteer stewardship responsibilities include visiting a specific Water Trail site once a month during the summer; gathering data on trash, hazards, and site improvement needs; and collecting trash as needed. Follow this link to learn more!

September: Sweep the White cleanup

The WRP coordinates a September river cleanup in conjunction with Vermont’s River Cleanup Month and the Connecticut River Conservancy’s Source to Sea Cleanup. We focus our event on public access areas along the river, providing a valuable service to towns as well as private landowners who are generous enough to share their land with the public. River cleanups are a fun way for the whole family to get their feet wet and their hands dirty while improving the beauty and cleanliness of the White River.

Get involved

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