Water Quality Volunteers


Our 2020 water quality monitoring season began on Wednesday, May 27. WRP staff and trained volunteers will monitor water quality at 22 swimming holes every other Wednesday through September 2.

Bacteria monitoring results will be posted the Thursday following the most recent test date on our website and Facebook page. Or contact us to request bacteria monitoring results via email: christian[at]whiteriverpartnership.org.

Read the 4-page 2019 White River Water Quality Report to learn more about water quality trends in the White River watershed.

Water Quality volunteer responsibilities

In 2001 the WRP launched the first citizen-based Water Quality Monitoring Program in the White River watershed in an effort to better understand potential threats to water quality and public health. Every year WRP staff and trained volunteers gather water quality monitoring data at 22 sites throughout the watershed, including popular swimming holes and the mouths of major tributaries.

Water Quality Monitoring volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Participating in a training session in mid-May;
  • Monitoring a specific site every other Wednesday from late-May through early-September with equipment provided;
  • Gathering data on conductivity and turbidity and collecting a water sample (for bacteria analysis) at the site;
  • Transporting the water sample bottle to a designated drop-off location; and
  • Maintaining a data sheet.

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Contact us

If you are interested in becoming a site steward, please contact WRP Program Coordinator Christian Pelletier at christian[at]whiteriverpartnership.org.