Spring grant awards

Spring grant awards

May 21, 2010

The WRP has received three project grants this spring to continue our good work!

Wellborn Ecology Fund

The Wellborn Ecology Fund granted $29,000 to help the WRP initiate a school-based river monitoring program for 9 towns in Vermont’s White River watershed. This grant will fund the first phase (Phase I, May 2010 through December 2010) of a 3-year program focused on river monitoring projects that promote student service learning and watershed health. The aim of Monitoring the White River will be to create a vibrant program for our schools and offer an effective educational model to the broader region.

Vermont Watershed Grant

The Vermont Watershed Grant program granted $13,000 to the WRP to help coordinate our 2010 Watershed Stewardship Program (Program). Since 1996, the WRP has recruited over 500 annual volunteers to participate in hands-on watershed restoration activities, including planting trees, monitoring water quality, managing non-native invasive species, and cleaning up the river. By raising awareness about watershed resources, mobilizing community volunteers, and facilitating local stewardship, the Program is crucial in helping the WRP achieve its mission to bring people and local communities together to improve the long-term health of the White River and its watershed.

Grant In Aid

The Grant In Aid program is providing $3,000 in funding to help the WRP raise awareness about preventing the spread of rusty crayfish, a non-native invasive species. In 2005, the WRP and Vermont Institute of Natural Science conducted a survey of rusty crayfish in the White River watershed. Of the 94 crayfish collected, 80 of them were rusty crayfish or rusty-resident hybrids. The vast majority of the rusties and rusty hybrids were found in the mainstem of the river, indicating that a serious invasion was occurring there. The WRP will use Grant In Aid funds in 2010 to conduct various education and monitoring activities with community volunteers to help prevent the spread of rusty crayfish in the watershed.

For more information about participating in these projects, contact us!