New Faces at the WRP

New Faces at the WRP

March 26, 2007

A big welcome to all the new faces at the WRP over the past 6 months. Introducing…


Melissa Sharkis is managing the 2007 Water Quality Monitoring Program. Melissa has a background in aquatic science and recently graduated from the Master’s program at Vermont Law School. Originally from Connecticut, Melissa volunteers her free time with the fire & rescue squad in Royalton.


Matt LaMothe is our 2007 Water Quality Monitoring Intern. He has previous experience monitoring water quality in his home watershed – the Saugus River Watershed in eastern Massachusetts. Matt is pursuing a law degree at Vermont Law School and lives in South Royalton.


Carl Russell joined the WRP Board in March. Carl is a founding member of the Forestry Work Group and has helped developed a forest tour series designed to highlight various aspects of land use in the watershed. Carl is a consultant forester and horse-logger and he and his family operate Earthwise Farm & Forest in Bethel-Gilead.

Kathy and Peter

Kathy and Peter Leonard are helping maintain the WRP membership database. Kathy has been involved with the WRP since 2001 as a water quality monitor and she and Peter were original members of the Second Branch Stream Team. Peter is also the Treasurer of the WRP Board of Directors. Kathy and Peter live in Randolph Center.


Mike Bald managed the 2007 Trees for Streams Program. Mike has been involved with the WRP since working on the Forest Service Fish Crew in 2002. Since then, Mike has worked part-time for the Forest Service in Rutland on NEPA projects and has helped the Rochester Ranger Station remove non-native invasive plant species in the White River watershed. When he’s not working, Mike is renovating his home in Royalton village.


Tammy Henry coordinated a landowner outreach campaign this spring. Tammy is a Master’s student at Vermont Law School and will complete her degree this summer. She is originally from Cortez, Colorado, but she and her dog, Pickle, currently live in Royalton.


Becky Hooper joined the WRP Board in December 2006. Becky has been involved with the WRP since 2001, first as a water quality monitor, then as the 2002 Water Quality Monitoring Intern, and finally as a member of the Down Stream Team. Becky is originally from West Hartford and works with VINS as the Communications and Program Manager.


Shawn Lenihan helped the WRP gather Phase 2 stream geomorphic assessment data on the Tweed River during fall 2006 and entered the data into the state’s Data Management System over the winter. Shawn’s work laid the groundwork to complete a corridor plan on the Tweed River this summer. Shawn and his wife, Megan, worked on the Forest Service Fish Crew last summer and live in Rochester.


Abby Armstrong joined the WRP Board in September 2006. Abby brings her experience chairing the ACLU Board Fundraising Committee to the WRP and was instrumental in organizing our 2006 Annual Meeting Auction. Abby directs the Office of Career Services at Vermont Law School and lives with her two dogs, Tango and Toots, in Sharon.