Is the White River clean?

The White River Partnership is a local group working to keep the river safe for recreation. Here are 3 ways to get involved:

SWIM SMART – Volunteers gather water samples every other week at 22 swimming spots in 14 towns. Then we analyze the samples to answer the question: is the river safe for swimming? Check out the latest Swim Smart monitoring results to learn more.

No matter what the latest Swim Smart monitoring results are, remember this River Recreation Rule-of-thumb: Avoid swimming or tubing in the White River during and immediately after a rain event – there is an increased risk of exposure to pollutants that can make you sick.

EXPLORE – The White River Water Trail is a network of public access sites along the river. Check out this map to find the river access sites near you.

REPORT – Got trash? We invite you to report any trash you find in or along the White River using this form. We’ll use your reports to focus our cleanup efforts in 2024.

VOLUNTEER – Interested in helping us keep the river safe for recreation? Learn more about becoming a White River Water Trail Steward this summer.


Thank you to our 2024 program sponsors:

Greater Upper Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited

The Woodstock Inn


We couldn’t do this work without their financial support – and yours: help us keep the White River cleanup and accessible by making a donation today!

Questions? Contact us.