Irene recovery grants

Irene recovery grants

March 12, 2013

The White River Partnership (WRP) has received three grants in 2013 to implement flood recovery projects that improve water quality, fish & wildlife habitat, and public access as well as engage people and local communities in watershed stewardship activities.

Davis Community Foundation (DCF)

The Davis Community Foundation supports environmental protection organizations whose projects strengthen volunteer activity and community involvement. The WRP has received DCF funds to protect and enhance brook trout populations by improving fish passage through stream-crossing structures in Rochester, Vermont damaged during Tropical Storm Irene.

Vermont Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP)

Vermont’s Ecosystem Restoration Program takes action to accelerate the reduction of sediment and nutrient pollution from uncontrolled runoff into our streams, rivers, ponds, wetlands, and lakes. The WRP has received ERP funds to conduct an intensive physical assessment of the White River, Third Branch, and major tributaries in Bethel, Vermont and to develop a River Corridor Management Plan that identifies on-the-ground projects to improve water quality, habitat, and flood resiliency.

Vermont Watershed Grant (VWG)

Vermont Watershed Grant funds are administered by the State of Vermont and are granted to support on-the-ground projects that protect or restore water quality and shorelines, enhance recreational use, and educate people about watershed resources. The WRP has received VWG funds to implement Irene recovery projects with volunteers, including planting 3,000 native trees and shrubs along the river, removing man-made trash along 25 miles of the White River, and implementing an innovative streambank restoration project in South Royalton.

We want to thank DCF, ERP, and VWG for their generous support of our 2013 flood recovery projects!