Volunteers plant 50,000th tree

700 students and community volunteers helped the WRP plant over 4,000 native trees along the White River in 9 locations this spring. This brings the WRP’s Trees for Streams Program totals to 50,000 trees planted since 2001.

Follow this link to see pictures of the volunteers in action!

Planting sites

From late-April through mid-May the tree planting volunteers helped restore over 10 acres of streamside vegetation – also called riparian buffers – in 9 locations throughout the watershed: Gilead Brook Road Buyout Park in Bethel, Granville Buyout Park, Green Acres Farm in Randolph, Randolph Floodplain Forest, Royalton Hill Road Buyout Park, Spring Hollow Road Buyout Park in Bethel, 2 private properties along the West Branch in Rochester, and 1 private property on the Upper White River in Granville. Landowners sign a 20-year contract that protects the riparian buffer area and allows the WRP to make routine monitoring visits.

Tree species

The WRP plants a 50/50 mix of native trees and shrubs, with a preference for fast-growing, early-successional species that thrive in moist, flood-prone soils. The WRP planted 21 species of native trees and shrubs in 2016, including American elm, Arrowwood, Balsam poplar, Basswood, Black cherry, Black willow, Choke cherry, Gray birch, Gray dogwood, Highbush cranberry, Nannyberry, Paper birch, Quaking aspen, Red maple, Red-osier dogwood, Shadbush serviceberry, Shrub willow, Silky dogwood, Speckled alder, Sycamore, and White pine. The WRP purchased trees from two Vermont nurseries (Drinkwater’s Nursery and Intervale Conservation Nursery) and one regional nursery (Cold Stream Farm).


The WRP wants to thank the following school groups and volunteers who helped with our 2016 Trees for Streams Program plantings this spring: Bethel Elementary School, Braintree Elementary School, Burkholder family, Clare Holland, Dan ‘Rudi’ Ruddell, East Valley Academy, Green Mountain National Forest staff (Bart, Dan, Lyn, Mike, Nance, & Sue), Hartford High School, Hartford Memorial Middle School Team Altitude, Jim Armbruster, Mark Heckmann, Peter Leonard, Randolph Elementary School, Randolph Rotary Club, Randolph Technical Career Center, Randolph Union Middle School, Sharon Elementary School, South Royalton School, Stockbridge Central School PTA, Tunbridge Central School, Vermont Technical College, Whitcomb High School, and WRP Board members (Abby, Geo, Joan, Sue, & Tom).


The WRP wants to thank the individuals, foundations, and groups who funded our 2016 Trees for Streams Program plantings this spring: Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, Environmental Quality Incentive Program, National Forest Foundation, Vermont Watershed Grant, Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program, and WRP members and donors.

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