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About the White River Partnership

The White River Partnership (WRP) is a grassroots, non-profit organization that brings together people and local communities to improve the long-term health of the White River and its watershed.

The WRP formed in 1996 as a group of local people who shared common concerns and interests in the watershed. That same year, we organized a series of public forums to identify the concerns shared by the larger watershed community. More than 150 community members participated in the forums, and the most prevalent concerns for the White River watershed were streambank erosion, water quality, declining fish populations, and public access to the river.

Since 1996, the WRP has worked to address these concerns by uniting citizens, schools, businesses, towns, local and regional organizations, and state and federal agencies to implement on-the-ground programs designed to evaluate the health of the watershed, to protect and restore the watershed, and to raise awareness about watershed issues, including sustainable agriculture, forestry, and recreational uses.

Paddlers enjoy the scenic views along the White River.