Monitoring the White River


During the 2015-2016 school year, MWR educators worked with 21 teachers at 15 schools to engage over 410 students in 30 MWR programs thanks to funding from Byrne Foundation, Couch Family Foundation, HOPE Foundation, National Forest Foundation, Wellborn Ecology Fund, Vermont Watershed Grants Program, and individual and business sponsors.

About MWR

Since 2010 the White River Partnership’s Monitoring the White River (MWR) Program has been engaging White River watershed teachers and students in classroom and field work activities that raise awareness about watershed issues and create opportunities for hands-on, place-based ecology education.

MWR Program elements include:

  • 4 watershed unit options: Crayfish, Riparian Track & Sign, Waterbugs, and Watershed Restoration;
  • Content specialist support for tailored teacher training, curriculum development, and student field work;
  • A Lending Library of monitoring equipment and other informational resources; and
  • Networking opportunities with participating teachers, state and federal aquatic biologists, and other resource people.

For more information

For more information about participating in MWR, please see our Teacher Resources page or contact us.